How It Works

Orgonite Energy is the energy made from the frequency of sounds and light bands, known as low frequency magnetism, used by all species those operate as life forms to survive and regeneration. Orgonite Energy frequencies are produced and controlled by neuron brain cells and other nervous cell systems. The Orgonite Energy frequencies in all brain systems are classified by their frequency band wave and their sequence target personality forms.

The classification are separated by their band content and speed movements, called rhythm vibrations, such as: Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta. Easy vibrating frequency and sequence determines the action and the mode of that action. For example, Delta determines the modes of sleep patterns. The same happens to other frequencies which have their trend and mode of actions.

Each kind of vibrating frequency require a discipline. The discipline can be in habits which developed in time or acquired by training, association, and genetic inheritance, but always with frequencies which follow discipline.

In this digital revolution Orgonite Energy can be engineered, developed, controlled and programed to the level of brain mechanisms to suit the needs of species in any life form. Using this technology in Orgonite Energy East Company Limited, we help any brain in any life from at any level to create a desired trend with appropriate discipline so that no failure in the process of achievements.

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All kinds of brains in all species act by sequence balanced equation. This can be auto by habits (unconscious) or intended (consciously). Other higher actions are done by consciousness for a few advanced personalities in life forms like in (Humans). But always with a determined discipline.

Brain wave patterns appear by their frequencies, following the pattern of the mode of action, the first from left is Beta brain wave. Beta determines the modes of acting consciously with the common five sensory organs. But actions in the conscious mode differ according to intended actions, the sequence and frequency changes. But if Beta starts from red to orange, then the last phase of Beta comes as light pale orange. In Beta mode it’s the perfect in action which requires peace attitude of action mode.

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