Orgonite Energy Spectrum Apartments:

In East Africa Region, our Orgonite Energy Spectrum Apartments are located at Kira Municipality, the eastern part of Kampala Metropolitan City, 200metres off Kira – Kyaliwajala, road, down the valley, along Kaganga road, next to Kira Police Division, in Wakiso District, Uganda.
Our apartments here, are fully furnished and, endowed with excellent cuisine, first class luxurious accommodation and other services that include access to a modern ambience and perfect healthy environment around the apartments. Our clients are ushered into a healthy bedroom and seating room for each apartment, fully fitted with furniture and entertaining equipment, such as TV set connected to DSTV and Zuku, ostensible music, full time internet hotspot, and a portable kitchen if you want to cook for yourself.

Our kitchens are full of all cooking ware and service utensils. We also have a general kitchen, where health recipes and services for vegetarians, and special herbal recipes provided according to one’s needs and desires.

Additionally, we have hospitality and counseling services, tour and travel opportunities with chauffer driven off-road express vehicles and tour guides on standby.

We also offer special and unique development program guidelines to individuals in all sectors of development. These guidelines are based on Orgonite Energy Technology programming through health sounds and light-based for well-being and brain upgrade.

The brain is the only way for someone to reach his or her ambitions and goals, being that it’s the prime infrastructure of all developments. Taking care of our brain input and output through Orgonite Energy Technologies, is the number one priority in development. With Orgonite Energy Technologies, every part of your body and mind is restored to normality once and for all. 

Everyone is welcome to our Orgonite Energy spectrum Apartments, and experience the discovery of this technology, the first of its kind around the East African Region.
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Keep African Cities Clean

The project is aimed at empowering women in keeping African Capital cities clean through recycling organic refuse for organic agriculture. Other refuse like plastics, metals, etc, are to be recycled in plants. Women frontiers who are keeping the cities of Africa clean,
engage in Orgonite Energy based Agricultural compost manure to produce and export well-nourished foods and fruits.
(a) Keep Cities Clean

This will include Organic refuse management, through Orgonite Energy Technologies for keeping organic refuse safe without polluting the environment with fumes or creating bad odor. The technology will keep the refuse safe until it’s collected and taken to the recycling destination (the organic agriculture farms). Plastics, metals, glasses etc. will be taken to recycling plants. “Thus the city is clean now.”

(b) Exporting foods and fruits;
A pilot project is to start in Kigali with 100,000 women, in groups of 50 each. One of the groups’ aims is to sensitize and raise awareness on “Keep Kigali City Clean” to over 270,000 families living in Kigali Capital. Each group will be sensitized to carry out a different activity. At the end, all groups will merge into one goal. Additionally, women will engage in the food processing industry for value addition and food export. This development will increase the income of women’s groups plus increasing the National Revenue.

(c) Organic Agriculture
Women will engage in owning organic farms using the organic refuse and the orgonite energy technologies for higher harvest and quality nutritive foods and fruits.

(d) Produce Probiotics
Probiotics are made from milk as lacto-bacteria (acidophilus) and also from cabbage. These bacteria will be used to manage organic refuse in the process of decomposition in order to avoid bad bacteria which results in bad odor and coli’s which causes pandemic diseases like typhoid, cholera etc.

Young Achievers Institutes

In this program we select those children who show their talents at an early age when they are still young. Under this project, adults that have special talents will also be helped to develop their early and or later carriers. Instead of wasting time in conventional studies, the talented
children may choose to developed their talents first and start their careers. They will then advance to higher education in future based on their already developed talents.

Building Art Galleries

These are meant to host art collections from different African Artists. In this project we will also build art institutions for training artists to advance to higher levels of creativity as indicated in project 3 of Black Pearl.


Pristine Rural And Suburban Development: “AFRICA GET OUT OF POVERTY LIFE

This project is based on selecting those people with no jobs, no income generating activity or any industry to earn a permanent living. These people will be selected through local government structures, and then Pristine Project in alliance with the entire team, will secure a lease from any resources available, which will be developed by constructing affordable mortgage houses for beneficiaries. To start with, a 2-bedroom family house will be constructed on a½ acres land. When the family gains financial stability, the house will be expanded to become 3-5 bedrooms. The same family will be provided with 2 more acres for agriculture and animal rearing. A total of 2 1/2 acres of land will be leased to beneficiaries. In agriculture, we will concentrate on organic-based fruits production for export. Other foods produced besides fruits will be for domestic consumption. Pristine project will be responsible for constructing the infrastructure and handover the development to the owner when everything is ready. The owner will continue to expand the program through the entire development. The beneficiary will be given a mortgage to pay slowly until the money spent on the development is complete with a little profit.

Alternative Medicine

The team has made good research and development in medicinal herbal foods and fruits. This development will help the continent to start developing its medicine from our available natural resources. Many product brands have been developed by our team and approved by the National Drug Authority of Uganda to enable them fit in the regional market. These and others not mentioned here are the development projects offered on the African continent. We wish our supporters and partners good luck.
Brought to you with love from the team of ORGONITE ENERGY EAST AFRICA, COMPANY LIMITED

Black Pearl African Talented Directory

This project aims at bringing all Artists in Africa together in an effort to support one another and also to bring their talents for recognition and consideration in the national revenue stream and budget contribution as an organized industry. It is also aimed at establishing the Art Reverse Colleges which will promote them to certified artists.

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